My volunteer trip!

Our day out in Jerusalem!

on January 11, 2012

Since we last blogged, Maya and I went to a cute locals cafe with Dani called Marakiah, which only serves delicious soup! We met up with Assaf, my other EIE madrich and had nice night with them! Then distant family, Moshe and Vivian, picked us up from Dani’s house the next morning and kindly took us around Jerusalem! We visited the beautiful Chagall windows in Hadassah Hospital, walked around the Jerusalem Zoo, and toured stalactite caves! It was a great day. We’re now resting at their house and getting ready for dinner.






One response to “Our day out in Jerusalem!

  1. Avery says:

    The end of the trip sounds as amazing as the beginning!! Being able to experience Israel almost as a typical israeli with all of your friends there must have been amazing and definitely something you cant get when your on tour buses! SOO JELOUS of all of your adventures and LOVED hearing about all of them today!
    see you in a week!
    avery ❤

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