My volunteer trip!

4th day of projects

on January 9, 2012

Today was a long day! We started off at Yad Sarah in Jerusalem, a medical resource center for the elderly. My group spent the morning sorting bed parts so they could easily be turned into needed beds. We then drove to a nice picnic area in the park for lunch and then headed to a field near Kfar Schiller to pick clementines for an organization called Leket, which helps provide food for poor families. I actually did the exact project on EIE but it’s always really fun!! We then visited the 9/11 memorial in Israel, the first and only memorial outside of the U.S. It was beautiful and really showed how much Israel cares for the U.S. We then had some time in the old city of Jerusalem for shopping and hanging out. We ended the day by going to the kotel. I brought the notes from my hebrew school students and put them in the wall for them! It felt so good.






One response to “4th day of projects

  1. Mom says:

    We are so jealous of you of, we got take out from Judah’s last night! Dan was here! So proud of you!
    Mom and Leonard

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