My volunteer trip!

Second day of projects

on January 6, 2012

Today, we visited Yossi’s Farm, a farm in the middle of the Negev Desert run by one man. The farm is beautiful and has lots of animals and crops! We helped him by weeding his olive trees and cleaning up that area of his farm. We would take large bags and fill them with huge weeds and then dump them over to a herd of bedouin goats who went crazy over it! Yossi told us all about his farm and why he chose to leave Tel Aviv to start his own farm in the Negev. We talked about how David Ben Gurion’s dream was to “make the desert bloom”, and that’s exactly why Yossi did it.
Afterwards, we had a great hike in the Negev. It was about an hour and so peaceful and beautiful! It was really great.
Then we went to visit Ben Gurion’s grave, which is in Sde Boker and overlooks a gorgeous view of the Negev. It’s right next to the Sde Boker army base which is where I did Gadna on EIE!
Tonight, we left the Negev and traveled to Jerusalem, where we will be for the rest of the trip. We went to Ben Yehuda Street, a big popular shopping street in Jeusalem, and I saw my cousin Rachel who’s on birthright!! It was so cool and so much fun!
That’s it for now, xoxo paige


2 responses to “Second day of projects

  1. Yetta Erlich says:

    Hello Paige…You are really going full pace in Israel and accomplishing what you set out to do. Good for you. I have been to some of the places and can visualize it right now. Look how far you and Rachel have traveled only to meet up on Dizingoff st. Im enjoying everything you are writing about and believe me when I say I envy you. Enough said for now as it is 10:30 p.m. Love Grandmom

  2. Mom says:

    Tell us how shabbot was, it looks like you spent it with unexpected friends!

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